Attikos 1


Attikos lives peacefully with his family on an island off the coast of Hakilite, until one day out of the beautiful cerulean sea, dark sails approach.

Help Attikos protect his home in this, part 1 of a 3 part series.

Alone and outnumbered heroically hold the enemy at bay.

This game is a fun, quick play, top down shooter set in an ancient Greek-like universe.

Attikos 1 for iPhone and iPad is available now on the App store. Start your next adventure today.


  1. Multiple enemy troop types, randomly generated terrain and unique non-player characters or objects to protect.
  2.  Rename the hero and save games separately, name the non-player characters, load different players.
  3. Optional stories add additional information about each level
  4. Professional music track and sound effects
  5. High score table
  6. You don’t have to win a level to advance, however you can replay as often as you like before advancing


Attikos is a retired hero of this universe and his songs are sung in the halls
of Kings.

Alas he is not without his enemies. In a previous adventure he raided the Gancian homeland to rescue a princess of the Mashanian League. In the process many of the Gancian aristocracy and priests were slain and their greatest temple, the Ziggurat of Tunin, laid waste.

One who survived, remembers. He sends mercenaries south to seek revenge.




Hakalite is one member of a confederation of nations known as the Mashanian States that lie in the south west of a great continent. They are great seafarers and famed for their  bronze weapons and armour.  Their greatest warriors ride to battle on chariots and their hoplites are feared for their strength and discipline. The rugged terrain of some of the states also breeds skilled light infantry, mostly javelin armed peltasts, renowned for their speed and agility.

Attikos has retired and has put away his Hoplite armour, however he may have the odd javelin lying around.


To the north east across the Bay of Ucian lies Gancia, ruled by a fierce theocracy, rumoured to favour human sacrifice when times are bad. Their cities are built around mighty Ziggurats, stepped temples that reach to the sky.  The Gancian’s often hire mercenaries from surrounding lands to do their bidding.


These mercenaries  come from Lallia, a poor nation that lies to the south of Gancia and the east of Mashania.  These can include archers and axe wielding marines.  They can also include pirates from the Ashokkan  Islands that lie far to the west. The latter are fast and agile javelin armed warriors.


Copyright ©️ 2016 Puffin Powered Locomotive Studios, all rights reserved.
Game design, coding and artwork by Paul Shields. Game setting by Ed Savaris.
Music ©️ 2016 by Leeya Flanagan,
Sound effects are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 from  including arrows, javelins, swords, axes, the ocean and
the switch by Mike Koenig, impacts by Caroline Ford, and the goat recorded
by  The osprey is public domain recorded by