Two Riders

Two riders were approaching. Twin dust clouds marked their progress as they sped across the plain before the mountains of the kingdom of Avor.  Far, far out a larger cloud of dust marked the reason for their haste.

Alexandria thought the latter marked maybe 20 or so riders, but the distance was great and it was hard to be certain. She turned to her twin sister Alexi and nodded down toward the riders.  The twins stood upon the wall that separated the valley entrance to their mountain homeland from the lands of the outsiders, down on the plains below.  Its mighty stones had aged to match the colour of the mountains that anchored it, and vegetation grew this way and that upon its surfaces, so that it seemed to be part of the natural order until approached closely. There was no gate or access way visible at all.

Few came this way anymore, the plains people were afraid of the Avorians and their mountains and mostly kept their distance. However the Avorians were a vigilant and diligent people and they kept watch along the wall and paid attention still to the world of men beyond.

“Will they make it do you think?”, Alexi asked, the late afternoon sun playing across her white tunic and glinting on the gold Sun embossed shield she wore casually slung across her back.

“Maybe, “ Alexandria replied, “We could intervene and send riders out to help them.”
“Not allowed” said Alexi, doubtfully.

“I’ll bet you a billion gold coins they make it.”

“You don’t have a billion gold coins Alexandria, but you’re on” and the smiles of the two warrior maidens rivalled the glow of the sun.


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