Return To Owner


Everyone needs Return To Owner.

Dramatically improve the chances of never losing your phone.

Return To Owner lets you give third party contact details to someone who finds your phone, without them having to unlock it.

This allows them to easily contact someone you have nominated and arrange to return your device. Everybody wins.

Just swipe right to find the owner if you find a lost device. No need to unlock the phone.

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Set Up

Install the app, make sure that you allow widget extensions to be accessed by right swiping your lock screen:

iOS 10: SETTINGS –> CONTROL CENTRE –> Access on Lock Screen (on), Access within Apps (on)

iOS 11: SETTINGS –> TOUCH ID & PASSCODE –> NOTIFICATIONS VIEW –> Access on Lock Screen (on)

Editing Details

Please add your name and a third party contact number and anyone who finds your phone will be able to see these details by right swiping to the Today view.

Open the app and you can add your name and a third party’s phone number.

These details will allow someone who finds your lost phone to call and arrange to return it.

Alternatively you can replace the default message with your own custom free text message.


You can view your message by viewing the widget, (right swipe all the way until your left most screen is visible). New widgets initially appear at the bottom of the screen, EDIT and drag the widget higher using the handle (3 bars icon).

NB: If the widget doesn’t appear click EDIT and move the widget from “More widgets” up into the top group which represents the currently displayed widgets.